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Houston Motor & Control’s Panel Shop Handles UL 508/ UL 698 Certified Panel Wiring!

Need UL 508/UL 698 Certified motor control panels? Let HMC help manage your process with a custom motor control panel design. Customer requirements, cost, and level or functionality determines the category of control panel built.













Direct On Line (DOL) / Across-The-Line (ATL) / Full Voltage

This category is the most basic form of motor control and utilizes a contactor/overload, manual motor starter or any device that instantly charges the motor causing it to reach/maintain full speed.

This high impact starting method causes the motor to pull 6-8 times its Full Load Amperage (FLA) and is typically used to start small water pumps, compressors, fans and conveyor belts where the spike in amp draw is not detrimental to cost or equipment.

Soft Start / Reduced Voltage

This lower impact method reduces the initial load and torque in the powertrain and electrical current surge of the motor during startup causing only a 2-5 times FLA spike and effectively reducing mechanical stress on the equipment. There are three types of reduced voltage starters: a collection of contactors, soft starters and variable frequency drives. The VFD allows for a soft start while providing a means of driving and adjusting the operating speed of a mechanical load. HMC’s “The Boxer” is an example of a custom built soft starter.

We provide control panels to customer’s specifications including the following standards: NEMA 1 /NEMA 3R / NEMA 4 / NEMA 4X / NEMA 7/9-4 / ATEX / NEC / IEC

HMC has an experienced team of technicians ready to assist in developing your custom motor control panel for your specific application. Contact us for more details!

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hydraquip panel


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA  KT7-Manual-Motor-Starter_150x200

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