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What they’re all saying…

We wanted to share a few testimonies with you, indiscreetly HMC is proud of our customer service and our reputation. We’ve worked REALLY hard to raise the bar and differentiate ourselves from our competition.  Who doesn’t like to hear an “atta boy” every once in a while?! 

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“I appreciate Zak’s help!  This job would be much easier if every company responded as quickly as he does!”


Electrical Distributor

“… I work for… a very busy ship chandler based out of Florida but from my home in Pennsylvania.

Recently I received a request for quote from a very old Great Lakes ship that needs to replace some electrical items on-board that were originally manufactured by FURNAS, evidently a part of SIEMENS that have been discontinued.

I have dealt with your company in the past as my manager told me to contact you for any Motor related items I may need, but I hadn’t dealt with Ms. Amy Hill in the past.

I just want to THANK YOU so very much for hiring someone like her. She is the most pleasant and knowledgeable supplier I deal with in this business.

When I call her it is like a breath of fresh air compared so many that make me feel like I am bothering them when asking for quotes or take 2 weeks to reply.

I honestly thought I would be “NO BIDDING” this request for this ship which is owned by a very large company, but all thanks to Amy and her efforts, I have been able to quote and hopefully supply these few parts.

I look very forward to any requests I now receive that I think that I can send to Amy as I know I will get the best possible service I can ask for from her & HMC.

I could go on and on, but just wanted you to know that I really appreciate such a wonderful employee you have in her.”


Marine Industry

” You guys and your entire company are such a pleasure to be associated with and I feel privileged to have you as a supplier partner!”


Marine Industry

“Bill called us back right away with price & delivery. His competition did not even respond! Because he is so quick and keeps me in the loop he will receive approx. $100,000 worth of PO’s this month from us.”



“The VFD and the new motor are “fan” tastic! This is a great solution to some things I have been looking to do. I will be contacting you with a very similar project. We have plans to start selling systems of this nature. Thanks for your help!”



 “When we talked last week, I mentioned that a customer approached me at the Turbo Show and was raving about how amazing your inside sales guy was! He said that they take care of all his needs and they are very knowledgeable. They consider HMC a valuable resource.”



“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and your company for assisting us with the resolution of getting our 4 large crane motors exchanged for the correct ones. This has for us averted an expensive time delayed disaster.

I so appreciate your willingness to help us through this when this problem was no fault of your own. It is rare to have a vendor who is willing to go that extra distance after the sale is done. Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.”


Drilling contractor

” I’m impressed with your prices, (you are constantly at or under your competitor’s prices), the speed of your quotes, and how friendly everyone is when I call in for quotes. I also intend to call you the next time we get a big motor in for a rewind to get that quoted as well.”


Marine Repair Industry

 ” I just wanted to reiterate that I would definitely go with service over pricing if it was within 5-10% margins, and my boss wholeheartedly agrees. We wanted to call you up not to play the bidding game, but to let you know that you are one of the preferred vendors on our list.”



” I will make sure you get the order because of all the hard work,  I appreciate it! I think I will get my way; I have a very strong supporting argument. All of you at Houston Motor & Control are the only people “and company” that would work with me. So for that I will do my best for you as HMC has done for me.

And Jeanne, I like the way you do business, thank you very much.”



” Really appreciate the prompt response. It’s rare from our vendors.”



“Can’t let your head get too big, not enough red hair to keep it covered! Thanks for the help Matt, you guys earn our business and its appreciated.”



 ” WOW#7 in all of Houston “Best Place to Work” is something worth jumping up and shouting over! I must say I am quite impressed but NEVER SURPRISED. I have never heard even the smallest murmur of grumbling from any of your folks anytime I am there. In fact, they all seem to be wearing huge smiles. Obviously a result and reflection from the leadership there…. YOU TWO. Congrats again!!!”



“We certainly appreciate your business and more importantly the relationships that have developed with HMC. All of you are a pleasure to work with! Looking forward to a bright future with you all!”



“I can’t say enough that I could absolutely not survive with some of our current customers without Bill H.  Not only is his knowledge a HUGE asset (that he willingly shares), he ALWAYS stays positive and gets me whatever I need, no matter the time involved nor the personal sacrifice.

   In my buyer/sourcing mode, good business practice mandates I have a backup supplier for all my major components.  How and why would I need to with you guys???  Besides, how can you quantify the levels of support and service you & your team ALWAYS provides? 

    Thanks to ALL OF YOU for your unending support and partnering!!!”


Safety equipment

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ “I appreciate the help Matt gave me in firstly getting a price on our original motor and suggesting a comparable alternative which is working!  It really got us out of a bind and I was able to keep my employees working instead of sending them home.”


Manufacturing Plant

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